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Connect With God

Do you ever feel like trying to Connect with God and the Church feels more like hitting a brick wall than being embraced by a loving and caring God and his people?

King's Cross is a place for people who are exploring what Christianity is all about.  It is a place for them to gather and explore. We hope you will find space to process the message of Jesus and seek to address the questions and concerns you may have about Jesus as you gather with us in worship, life groups, parties or other events and activities. We are so glad you've found our site and hope to meet you in person to dialogue about who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him.

The best place to begin your discovery of Jesus is to start with the overall Story of the Bible. While many believe it to be merely a book of rules, a guide for living or advice for a successful life - the true message of the Bible is the great Story of how God's grace (his unearned love and kindness) connects with us and how he unites himself with us in our humanity.  The Good News or (Gospel) of the Bible is that God has come to meet us in the place of our deepest hurts, our biggest questions and our greatest longings.

We invite you to take a look at the website below to continue your exploration about Jesus and the Christian Faith:

> Explore the Christian Faith