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If you enjoy a good page turner, a little romance with some serious plot twists then you will love this Study. Centered in the courts of the king of one of the ancient worlds super powers God’s promises seem out of touch and beyond reach. Yet, its not a mighty warrior or a seasoned diplomat that God uses to bring about his rescue but a young woman. 

Join with all the women at KXC on this journey through the book of Esther as you follow her in this beautiful story of love, tribulation and rescue. This study will begin Thursday January 14th 2021 at 7 pm. A zoom link will be provided upon request.

The link for the Study Guide is below.


Please contact Stacey Joshua or Jane Hermerding if you have any further questions.  


The women’s ministry at King's Cross seeks to serve women of all ages and stages of life both within the community and in the church. We do this in four ways:

Learning Together
Through regular Bible and Book Studies, we desire to help women grow in knowing and studying the gospel as it is revealed and explained in the Word of God.

Providing Opportunity for Connection 
We desire to be more than just another meeting or program, but hope to provide a place of connection and fellowship leading to authentic friendship and community.

Discovering and Developing Gifts of the Spirit and Talents and Skills
Every woman has unique gifts and skills, and our desire is to call out and celebrate these gifts while equipping women to use them to build up the church and to serve the Cypress community.

Equipping Women to Serve in the Work of Caring for our Community
Our community exists for more than just ourselves; we desire to be working together and using our gifts for the flourishing and good of Cypress.

Wherever you are in your walk with Jesus, whether you are just beginning your spiritual journey or decades into it, or whether you are enthusiastic and energized or disillusioned and full of doubt, there is a place for you here.