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Our Purpose and Mission

Our Purpose

Our hope is that through King’s Cross Church we would look more like the heavenly city (Rev.  7:9-12, 21:1-4, 22:1-5) because Jesus through his life, death and resurrection is rescuing people from their brokenness and despair, restoring them in the midst of their sufferings, struggles and doubts, and writing their stories into the big story of God’s redeeming and renewing of everything.

Love God 

Christ’s Gospel - The King’s Grace
We believe that when Christ ministers his kingdom rule through his church, the lives of individual people, families and communities are transformed by his grace. 

We see, celebrate and savor God’s big story in worship. 

We pray big prayers. 

We demonstrate the generosity of God’s grace. 

Love People 

Christ’s Church: The King’s Community
We believe that Christ’s Church is the primary instrument through which he carries out his kingdom mission in the world. 

We share our stories of hope, rescue, and restoration. 

We admit our sinfulness and brokenness and we embrace and extend forgiveness found in Jesus. 

We invite people to walk with us and Jesus. 

Love the Cypress 

Christ’s Kingdom - The King’s Mission
We believe Christ’s kingdom is his powerful rule in the word and deed which brings God’s
shalom to all of life. 

We listen to the stories of our community. 

We throw great parties. 

We Pursue the good and address the brokenness through mercy and justice in Cypress.

Our Core Convictions 


Simply put we believe that everything about Jesus in his life, death, resurrection and ascension changes the whole way we think about living life, how we view our present world and how we live in anticipation of the life and world to come. We believe that Jesus is the center-point of history, our church, our life and our community. What he brings is not just a entrance into heaven but a transformational reality which offers love to us no matter what our past behavior or lifestyle was, offers joy for our present circumstances,  offers  hope for our future.


The Bible, as interpreted in the orthodox and Reformed traditions of our church, is our ultimate authority. It rules over our culture, our traditions and ourselves. We will be a Word-centered church in our life groups, worship and common life. 

Kingdom Focused

The church is a mission to advance the Kingdom of God. We believe a church is “not a building people go to, but the people who go” (Conn) to love and serve the world in Christ’s name. Our church will have an outward face and we expect unchurched and de- churched people to be present at our public activities. We seek to be warm and winsome as we relate to others. As a missional Church we seek to understand and sensitively engage the people and culture of Cypress, TX.

Prevailing corporate and individual prayer for God’s kingdom to come is a primary means of the Spirit’s renewing work. 


Jesus even though he was rich became poor, Jesus though he suffered and died in our place nevertheless invites us to share in his inheritance, while all we are able to offer is but a small token of our thankfulness to God Jesus gives us the wages do someone who has given everything and performed perfectly. We seek to embody this attitude in being generous with our time, our talents and gifts and our resources.

Vulnerable Authenticity  

We will seek to embody a spirit of vulnerable authenticity, a biblical mixture of simplicity, honesty, and humility that people in our culture long for. We will strive to resist elitism in all its forms. 

Diverse Unity

We will seek a  multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and multi-generational Church reflecting Revelation 7 and Isaiah 66. We want to see the display of the gifts, beauty and glory of our great God manifested in and through his image bearers throughout time and from every ethnic and cultural background.

We will seek to truly embody “a christian spirit,” supporting and working alongside other Christians for the greater good of Cypress and the world. We will seek to speak charitably about other congregations and communities of faith who differ with us. 


 Our Mission

“It is not so much that God has a mission for his church in the world, but that God has a church for his mission in the world. Mission was not made for the church; the church was made for mission—God’s mission.”  -C J. Wright

He always has been. He (God the Father, Jesus Christ the Son and Holy Spirit) are at work redeeming the entire cosmos through the act of grace , namely the work Jesus has done in his life death and resurrection. This redeeming work extends to broken and hurting people who need new life. Grace brings about human thriving and flourishing in families, communities, culture, the creation, and every sphere of life.

That means we do not exist for ourselves, but for the good of others and our community. As a result of our commitment to God's mission we support ministries and Church Plants locally, regionally and internationally.

Local Ministries

lMission of Yahweh 2017

Mission of Yahweh Webpage

The Mission of Yahweh is a faith-based, non-denominational emergency & transitional shelter located in Houston, Texas that empowers, enriches and restores the lives of homeless women and children and provides outreach services to low income families in our community.

The Mission has served Houston’s homeless women and their children since 1961. Our doors are always open for families in crisis. We are a truly unique refuge that not only provides food, clothing and shelter, but also is committed to helping residents to become self-sufficient, productive members of society. The Mission supports more than 3,000 residential stays each month. We also provide thousands of Houston residents with donations of food, clothing, school supplies and other necessities.


cy-fair-helping hands-logo

Cy-Fair Helping Hands Webpage

CyFair Helping Hands is an organization founded and managed by caring volunteers who live in the Cypress-Fairbanks area. CFHH is funded solely by donations from individuals, area businesses and churches. We serve the homeless and those in need in Cy-Fair regardless of age, race, religious affiliation or marital status. There is never a charge for our services.  

CFHH is staffed entirely by volunteers and has no paid employees.


RUF 2018

RUF Webpage

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is a Christian organization that ministers to students on over 150 college campuses, including Rice University and the University of Houston. Their mission is to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve.


Regional and National Ministries

New City Logo

New City Network Webpage

Our mission is to plant, grow, and encourage urban churches that pursue the poor.
Our vision is to develop a coalition of churches committed to these common goals so that we might encourage, learn from, and support each other as God gives us resources to do so.

Southwest Church Planting Network Webpage

SWCPN is a cooperative network of churches in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. This pioneering ministry includes over 70 churches representing over 16,000 members voluntarily coming together to fulfill their vision and mission. In the providence of God, this area is experiencing the kind of growth that calls for increased efforts in the fields that are ready for harvest. This area includes 4 of the 5 fastest growing cities of over a million in population. At the end of 2010, the Network had started or materially assisted in the start of 50 new churches and supported the initiation of 12 new RUF ministries in the Southwest. 

International Ministries

Cogdon Family

Restore Japan Website

Toyosu, Tokyo is one of five major islands in the Tokyo Waterfront area. In a city with one church for every 18,000 people, Toyosu has never had a church of any kind. It is to this area that God has called Joe and Felicity Congdon to join the Tokyo church planting team. Joe Congdon grew up in Houston, Texas and studied at Washington University in St. Louis. It was there while studying Japanese language and culture that God gave Joe a heart for the world. Felicity’s love for unreached peoples began as she spent time with international students while studying at Northern Illinois University in Dekalb. Both Joe and Felicity ministered with Campus Crusade for Christ—Joe in Tokyo and Felicity in Macedonia—and when they met in 2008 they quickly connected through a shared desire to bring the gospel to unreached peoples. They were married in October that same year and worked with Campus Crusade for Christ, while planning and praying for direction about moving overseas. In May 2014 Joe completed his Master of Divinity degree at Covenant Seminary in St. Louis and was ordained at Grace Presbyterian Church in The Woodlands, TX in December. Joe and Felicity have three young children: Zoey, Jonah and Ramona. In early 2015 the family moved to Tokyo where they have been diligently studying Japanese, and pursuing relationships with their neighbors. After worshiping and working with a bilingual church, they will be transitioning to begin an internship at an all-Japanese church.

Do Good Initiative Rwanda 2020

Do Good Initiative

Do Good Initiative helps to build flourishing communities throughout Rwanda with holistic solutions, seeking to meet social, economic, and spiritual needs in the most sustainable way possible. Each DGI project is chosen based on needs communicated by local leadership.