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Our Story

Stories are really wonderful things. We all have a story. Everyone you meet can tell you the story of their lives. Most stories have moments of great joy and deep sadness. There are times of triumph and of devastation and of profound brokenness. Even God has a story.

The amazing thing at King’s Cross is that we are the beginning of a new story and yet a part of the Ancient story of God creating, loving and redeeming a people. King’s Cross is a diverse group of people gathering to Celebrate God’s lovingkindness which he showed to us in sending Jesus.

It’s a story of people beginning to share their stories of hope, of restoration and of rescue. It is a story of people loving each other, loving their neighbors, co-workers and friends. It’s a story of people getting to know Cypress and the surrounding communities. It's a story of people uniting to serve and promote the good and well-being of Cy-Fair. It’s a story of seeing Jesus at work through his Spirit equipping us to minister into the brokenness and rejoice in the goodness displayed throughout our City.  This is our story.

We would love to hear your story too!