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Each of the following organizations vary in form and function. In other words, each of them serve a different purpose for our pastors, our church and our mission. Our membership in all of them provides rich and invaluable layers of accountability and cooperation.


The New City Network is a coalition of churches and ministries that are marked by the following characteristics.


Our mission is to plant, grow, and encourage urban churches that pursue the poor.
Our vision is to develop a coalition of churches committed to these common goals so that we might encourage, learn from, and support each other as God gives us resources to do so.


The Houston Church Planting Network is a network of networks committed to… Strengthening church planters to multiply churches that reach every man, woman and child in the greater Houston region. The Mission is to be:

Network of networks: There are several networks, denominations, and churches committed to planting churches in the Houston area. HCPN serves as a network of networks where leaders and planters from different groups come together to share best practices and cooperate to reach the city.

Strengthening Church Planters: The focus of HCPN is on church planters. The belief is that healthy churches are planted by healthy church planters, leaders and teams. We are committed to strengthening church planters through resources, coaching, and connecting planters to one another.

Multiplying Churches: In order to impact a growing city like Houston there must be a commitment to multiplication. Our heart is to see exponential growth of church planters, churches, and networks committed to starting new churches.

Reaching Every Man, Woman and Child: We are committed to giving every man, woman, and child the opportunity to respond to Jesus by seeing new churches started throughout the city that will impact every segment of our diverse city.


The Southwest Church Planting Network is a cooperative of churches in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas. The Network's vision is to plant more than 75 new churches and initiate RUF (College Ministry) ministries at all of the major colleges in the Southwest by the year 2020.  The Network desires to be involved in planting churches which are:

• Deeply informed, shaped and fueled by the centrality of the Gospel, in their message, culture and practice.
• Vibrant, faith communities, which nurture individuals in both the knowledge of the grace-centered message of the Holy Scriptures and the practice of Christian love, for the sake of the church being built up in the worship and witness of Christ, our King.
• Missional, which means our churches seek to demonstrate and thoughtfully contextualize the truth, beauty and grace of the Gospel in every facet of their ministry, so that the Kingdom of Christ is extended. Such a missional priority aims at the renewal of cities and regions, creative, winsome cultural-engagement and the further multiplication of the Gospel, evidenced by growing churches and new church planting initiatives.


King's Cross is affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). The PCA is an international denomination that is both historic and active -- taking the roots of its traditions into the contemporary world. You may not notice on a Sunday, but if you are interested, below is an official summary of our denominational affiliation. We are affiliated with other PCA churches in the Bayou City seeking to start new ministries and churches.

A Vision You Can Embrace
Our vision is to fill North America with churches which will be communities of believers captivated by the majesty of God the Creator and Redeemer; and (as a result) content to be servants of Jesus Christ and his followers and committed to bring the hope of the gospel to a world which has lost hope.

We want to be faithful to our Lord Jesus Christ. Not only do we believe his written word and try to follow it as closely as possible, but also we make it our ambition to depend on Christ and love him. This motivation alone will produce a godly zeal to spread the gospel, build Christ's church, and promote exuberant Christian living.

Christ calls us to a living faith, expressed in deeds and words. We seek to obey what we profess to believe. We want to tell the world of the greatness of our sovereign Lord and to call all people to join in praising him. The grace and love of God compel us to live joyfully in all godly aspects and callings of life, as heirs with Christ of all creation and citizens of his kingdom.

We are committed to the timeless message of the Bible, which was taught by the early church, and emphasized in the Protestant Reformation.
We believe that God's unchanging message is so life changing, satisfying, and fulfilling that it must be communicated to each generation in contemporary language, forms, and styles.
Not only is this combination of historic faith with contemporary flavor unique, but so is the fact that the PCA is international in scope. We work with believers from many countries to plant churches around the world. We have cooperative agreements with almost 60 Christian denominations and organizations for a worldwide mission focus.