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Sunday Morning Worship and Covid 19

What should I expect when I come to Worship at King's Cross?

Worship with or without masks. 

Indoor worshippers will not be required to wear masks. Some worshippers will continue to wear masks for various reasons. All people are welcome to worship. We will continue all our other regular COVID sanitization and precautionary practices and policies.

Personal responsibility. 

Individuals and families will make their decisions about precautions they desire to take in worship. We will not be asking for anyone’s vaccination status. 


What has the church been doing to help us gather safely?

  • First, the school facility team has a process to clean and sanitize the worship area, classrooms and restroom. If you can walk on it, touch it, or sit on it, it has been sanitized and disinfected.
  • Second, The regathering team has worked diligently to set up protocols for cleaning and maintaining a safe environment for all of us. Going forward the team will continue to do everything necessary to assure a clean and safe environment.
  • Third, we have instituted health and temperature checks for all our Sunday Servant Team volunteers before they go on duty each Sunday. 
  • Fourth, hand sanitizer stations are now available when you enter and exit the worship area .

Walk me through a typical Sunday. How do things work?

  • Upon Arrival, you will walk towards the entrance door to be greeted.
  • As you enter there will be the Nursery area to your right where you can drop off your kiddos and then to you can proceed toward the worship area. Inside there will be a table with two baskets one for your offering and the other with King's Kids Worship Boards. There will also be a tray filled with sealed communion elements for you to pick up on your way to your seats.
  • By the exit doors there will be a hand sanitizer station, and trash receptacle for you to throw away your used communion cups before leaving the building.
  • Once you have left the building, you are free (and encouraged) to fellowship all you want in the open air!

Where will I put my offering?

  • As always you can place your offering in the basket we normally provide or you can continue or begin to give by mail, scheduled giving through your bank, or online via the Giving page of the church website.

How will we celebrate the Lord’s Supper?

  • In the beginning, we will practice contactless communion using prepackaged communion sets containing both the bread and the juice. 
  • Worshipers will need to pick up enough sets for all communicants in their family from the basket as they enter the worship area for the service.
  • We plan to celebrate communion in the near furture in a similar way to what we were doing before the Covid pandemic. 

What is available for my children?

  • We have King’s Tots nursery for kids 4 and under.
  • We are praying as things move forward we will be able to once again provide King’s Kids Worship for our K - 3 grade.
  • We presently have worship boards available for our younger kiddos to use during the worship service. They can be picked up where the offering is dropped off

What are the Covid Guidelines For Children attending King Tot’s?

  • Adults: hands sanitized upon entry into building
  • Childrens hands sanitized upon entry into and exiting children’s area
  • Parent(s) to drop off child(ren) at entry doors to nursery/toddler areas. Parent not permitted inside children’s areas unless designated as volunteer. 
  • All touched surfaces will be sanitized prior to children arriving, during and after time in children’s areas. 
  • Only hard surfaces that can be sanitized will remain in the children’s areas. 
  • Any item brought into Children’s areas (diaper bags, cups, bottles, etc) will be immediately sanitized by caregiver or volunteer. 
  • All caregivers and volunteers are required to wear masks and gloves for the duration of time in the children’s areas. 
  • In addition to adhering to King’s Cross Children’s wellness policy (found in Children’s Ministry Handbook) and in compliance with CDC guidelines, we ask that any child experiencing the following symptoms listed below (which may range in mild to severe in nature) stay at home.
  • If you are ill for any reason including COVID-19, remain at home and seek medical attention when appropriate. Here are signs you nee to seek medical attention.

Fever of 100°F and/or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


-If a caregiver or child tests positive for COVID-19 we would ask that individual/family to refrain from attending King’s Cross services for 14 days from date of positive test and until symptom free. 

-A contactless thermometer will be available for use at the Children’s check in table.