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Obedient Faith

May 12, 2019 Speaker: Dennis Hermerding Series: JAMES: A Faith That Works

Passage: James 1:19–1:27

  1. What is one thing that stood out to you from this week’s message?
  2. What was the point of the seed illustration given from a Bug’s Life? How does that relate to James and the Christian Life?
  3. What is James getting at when he says be slow to speak and get angry? Why is this so hard?
  4. James desires that we be knowledgable about our faith and the world we live in. What is the issue he is concerned with in the life of Christians with regard to not just being hearers but doers? Why is change so hard for us as Christians?
  5. How can we confuse talking about something with actually doing something? Why does James say a person who talks about their faith but doesn’t actually live it out has worthless faith?
  6. What are the things James offers to us as the cure to these hinderances? How does the Christian live in liberty? How important is the Bible to living an obedient faith?
  7. What are the results that we can see in our life if we are actively seeking to live out an obedient faith?
  8. What is God calling you to change in your life? What is God calling you to actually do in your life to show the reality of the Gospel to others in your life? Are you willing to listen and obey the Lord?

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