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Pursuing The Unwanted

March 24, 2019 Speaker: Dennis Hermerding Series: Encountering Jesus

Passage: Luke 19:1–19:10

  1. What stood out to you in the sermon today? 
  2. Why is Zacchaeus not liked by his own people? Can you understand why they dislike and even hate him?
  3. How do we see Jesus demonstrating a Pursuing Love in this passage? Do you believe Jesus pursues you and other people like this today?
  4. Why does Jesus invite himself to Zacchaeus’s home? What would this look like in our present circumstances?
  5. How does Jesus view his holiness? What does Jesus use his reputation and holiness for the benefit of others? 
  6. How does really believing you are only good because of Jesus change how you view yours and others sinfulness?
  7. How are justice and grace seen in this passage? Is it possible for their to be real justice and it not have a social impact?
  8. How does the Cross of Jesus pull all of this together? How can it help us to be able to pursue others in love, cover others sins with holiness and bring about justice through grace?

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