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King's Kids

KING’S KIDS WORSHIP is for children K through 3rd grade.

This time is designed to show our children that we are all made to worship God. We want our children to hear and celebrate what God has done in creating and redeeming us in an age-appropriate level. Our ultimate goal is to teach children the importance of worship and help them to transition easily into our larger corporate worship. Our children will leave before our announcement time and and return in time to be with us during the Lord’s Supper and final song.

KING'S KIDS CLUB is for children K through 5th grade.

 This is a mid-week time designed for our kids K- 5th grade to gather to grow closer to Jesus and one another through age appropriate discipleship, worship, scripture memorization, & games! This is a great relationship building opportunity for our King’s Kids, neighbors, & friends. We encourage you to come and join with us.

For more info contact Becky Castro.